My creative journey with Make It In Design has begun in February 2016 and I haven’t looked back since.

Being self taught illustrator & surface patterns designer has its perks as well as challenges.
Improving software skills, defining my style, launching website, dealing with business decisions, using marketing tools whilst drawing and creating at the same time would have been daunting experience had I not taken their courses. It has given me clarity, direction, invaluable lessons, trend insights, new creative friends and most importantly body of work that I am proud to show off to the world.

Make no mistake, I had to roll up my sleeves, put the effort in and do the work however modules are packed with such goodies that progress is inevitable.

Now you must be asking yourself what’s this to do with the giveaway! Well, let me tell you.
One day I was snooping around Make It In Design website when I noticed one of my testimonial illustrations being at the top of the list. It might have seemed cool but not anything too big for someone else but for me in that moment it has meant everything. I was washed away with mixed emotions of gratitude, happiness and achievement when idea for the giveaway was born.

ABSPD has led me from wanting to be an illustrator & surface pattern designer to actually seeing myself as one “ says my testimonial. This is why I wanted you to embark on this creative journey too and reach destinations you wouldn’t have by yourself.

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