Anyone interested in seeing designs created in sync with the latest trends when it comes to fashion and textile industry should visit Printsource. And not only that. You will find big design studios, art agents and single designers exhibiting at the show which gives you a great opportunity to network.

Since I’m fresh of the press designer, so to speak, I’ve found visit to the Printsource to be very helpful. You get to see how people present themselves, what’s the standard for showcasing your work, receive so many tips and suggestions and overall understand what the shows are all about. It is also a great chance to see if exhibiting yourself might be an option for the future.

I am very appreciative of the invaluable conversations I’ve had with the some of the exhibitors. Their tips in a nutshell:

@thebrooklynnest – If you’re just visiting the show good time to stop by is in the late afternoon after 4 pm when everyone’s less busy.
@lemonribbonstudio – In case you are at the beginning of your career and would really love to exhibit consider teaming up with other designers and sharing both the booth and the costs. Printsource is more studio (design studios with big volume of prints to offer) oriented so Surtex could be more suitable for new designers.
@paperandcloth – Be mindful of who you send your work to even if low res jpegs.
@margauxandizzy – Don’t be afraid to use new mediums in your work. Just go for it!

Also, it was such a pleasure meeting and getting to know Lynda Metcalf, UPB2016 winner, MIID alumni and fellow designer. Her stand was great and very well positioned. Fingers crossed she got some work from it. Nicest person I’ve met during the show was Brenda from @brendamanleydesigns . What better encouragement for new designer like me than wise words from experienced art agent like Brenda. Thank you!


*Printsource is held twice a year: January and August. First one tends to be bigger and busier.
In case you’ll be showcasing your work be aware of the season. January show is for the S/S following year and August for the F/W following year.

*Check out exhibitor’s list few months prior to the show and try and schedule appointments before hand. If not don’t be afraid to approach stands, show off your designs or simply start a conversation. Everyone’s supper nice!

*Don’t forget to take photos, collect business cards and & take notes.

*Relax & enjoy! I’ve found that this is one of the best ways to go about your business

Top three must dos

*NYC is s great city for gathering inspiration and it’s full of patterns.

*Go out of your comfort zone. Introduce yourself, show off your work.

*Ask questions! You’ll be surprised by how most people are open to sharing their insights.