When they say that it’s a special feeling to see your patterns come to life on products they are totally right!

It’s been such an honour and learning curve to work with Print4Party. They are small, local family run company so we’ve worked very closely on this project. I’ve always dreamed of designing for greeting cards industry however creating these 2 collections has challenged me more than any project before.

When you realise that those products are going to represent you as an artist the pressure goes up, but in a good way I think. For me it was where the magic happens! You learn so many new things and realise that there’s so much more to being a surface pattern designer than producing pretty patterns. I was very happy to put my imagination and skills to use but the icing on the cake was the feeling that “ I’ve got this “ . It’s worth mentioning that I didn’t just wake up and made things happen with coffee in one hand and confidence in the other. When I look back I see lots of trial and error. Long days. Long nights. Creating, creating, creating. Learning something new almost every day. Giving up coffee with friends or that new dress I really wanted so I can invest in marketing and growing my skills. And I loved every minute of it even when it was hard, even when I was afraid I won’t make it.

I’m pretty sure so many fellow designer can relate to this and I’m aware this isn’t some huge breakthrough for the art industry but it is HUGE for me and it might be relevant to you. Maybe you’re an aspiring designer or someone in the middle of a new exciting project. Wherever you might be in your design career I hope these words inspired you, made you smile and feel good because you know you’re not alone.

I am so grateful to have been entrusted with this great opportunity to design for greeting card industry and to work with someone who loves and respects art!

Until next adventure,