Celebrating life in all its colours.

Patterns O’clock was established in 2016, by Sonja Stojcevski,
a multi-disciplinary, Designer and Entrepreneur.

After many years of freelance and commission based
illustration & pattern design projects,
Sonja’s practice and passion for mindful branding and
development manifested into the creation of the POC studio.

With a background in travel & hospitality, event management
and FLoristry, Sonja brings professional versatility
to every project she works on,
to provide an all-encompassing experience.

POC has been featured in Print & Pattern and has
been involved in wide ranging projects such as
a card line, fabric design, digital art and many more.

We are passionate about the mindful evolution of your business or project +
consider it a privilege to be on this journey with you!

Hello from the Creator
of POC

My curiosity in the concept of
Mindful Branding was
inspired by my world travels.

Whilst capturing the beauty of a new country
through the camera lens, or sampling the
flavours and smells of local cafes, vineyards
and even soaking in the kitsch of the many
tourist shops, I realised I was always
mesmerised by the same style of business.

Regardless of size, it was those
businesses that were authentic,
handcrafted, carefully executed
and thoughtful that most
captured my imagination
and attention.

Those where every little touch
represented the dreams of their
owner or the place they wished to
pay homage to. Their passion
exuded from every
aspect of the business - from
the logo, to the glasses on
the table or the
take-away packaging.

I realised that experiencing someone else’s
passion fully was irresistible!
From many years of travel, I have developed
a database of colours, smells, photographs and
objects from each visit, on which I draw from
in my design process. I like to take photo of new
places I’m illustrating, and often extract colour
palettes from these.
The design process is very
organic in this way
, where
the design is embedded
with the meaning and
magic of each place.
Some tidbits about me!

I like coffee, all things mexican and of course love colour!

Fortunate enough to have lived across mallorca, south of france, tuscany, baja
california (mexico) & tahiti. My souvenir collection is museum worthy.

Born in Belgrade, the cultural hub of the Balkans.

I’m a people person but unless there’s a feast in sight you’ll
FInd me saying cheers to NetFLix on a Friday night.

Obssesed with notebooks & cards that are too pretty to use.

Let's work together!

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