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How to Become a Dream Designer to Work With

March 13, 2021 - filed under:

I’m sure you have a list of dream clients you would like to work with! I do too! And I love it. It makes me excited just thinking about working with all those amazing businesses I jotted down, let alone actually doing it.

There’s been lot of good chat lately about us designers raising prices and not charging our worth but rather charging the value a client gets from what we provide them with. I’m so inspired by these conversations and feel like it can only get better. But before we put ourselves out there armed with this new powerful approach let’s have an honest chat about something a bit uncomfortable however very important.

Are you a dream designer to work with? I wouldn’t want you to think that I’m devaluing your work or suggesting you should second guess yourself, so let me share what made me write this in the first place.

Just as we were eagerly wrapping up 2020, envisioning amazing things we’ll do in 2021 (or in some distant future by the looks of it) I found myself combing through my branding process only to find it was a mess. A beautiful one, but still a mess. And I knew it was about time that I 1) come to terms with it and 2) do something about it.

It took me a long time to get a honest look at this because I knew I’ll have to do a lot of extra work to put things in place plus my ego didn’t like the fact that something was wrong with the way I was working. Solely making decisions to change things wasn’t enough, however I felt like something has shifted in me. I embraced the fact that we are ever changing and evolving and that a day when I have everything figured out and won’t have to change a thing is definitely not coming. Because it’s a myth!

Which brings me back to my question. If your best ever dream client comes knocking on your door tomorrow are you ready to wow them? Are they not only going to get gorgeous branding but also have such good time working with you? Is your process in place, smooth and clear? If you answered YES I gotta give you a pat on the back. It sure feels soooo good when you’re on top of things. If you, on the other hand, felt this anxious knot in your gut while reading this, then my friend it’s time for a TRUTH bomb – your dream client might have a nightmare going through your process. This doesn’t mean you’re a nightmare to work with, but what it does is that you have to be honest with yourself and see if there is room for growth and change.

I’m still in the midst of tweaking mine and it made me feel more confident, on track and kinda proud that I could’ve allowed for all this to overwhelm me but instead I decided to show up as a hashtag I so often use on Insta –

!!! BOSS BABE !!!

So, if you are ready to slay those messy dragons I want you to know that you’re not alone! And to support you on the journey I have made a check-list (of course I did) so you don’t give up when you realise how many battles there are to fight. One tick at a time and you’ll be fine! I promise!







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