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01. The Start

The first step is connecting with you and understanding YOUR STORY - your hopes, dreams, wishes and everything in between! We will discuss the vision you have for your brand, and set intentions and goals for the designing process. While we think it’s important to meet in person, to develop a deeper sense of understanding for your brand, it is possible to work with you from afar.

02. The Adventure

Once we’ve decided we are a good fit for each other the adventure begins. We will apply colour, illustration, pattern, creative touches, strategy and heart to build the story you want to tell and the audience you would like to attract. Whether it’s a custom addition or limited edition to your branding - like custom patterned packaging, an illustrative site map or greeting card or a complete brand transformation we hope to communicate your story and passion behind it as if it were our own.

03. Designing Stop

The nitty-gritty of the story! This is where the magic happens! By this point, we have created a clear strategy behind your brand or brand developments, and we now get to move full steam into the creation stage. We will present you with various design elements and options, and these options will then be translated in mockups so you willbe able to envision the final outcome. It is also at this stage that a timeline will be set for your project. Together we will refine, until the design is perfect for you.

04. New Beginnings!

Time to show off your new look to the world! Once the final project is approved, you will receive the necessary final files, carefully curated and organised for ease of use. We want to set you off on this journey with all the confidence and tools to grow and evolve successfully for years to come!

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